Benefits of Swim Lessons
Swimming, both in club and home pools, is very popular in Houston. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that children under the age of 5 have the highest rate of drowning. Lessons at Saint Street Swim are one of the most important measures for prevention of water tragedy.

Children who have experienced swim lessons gain respect for the water and the skills necessary to make them safer around the water. Beginner students learn proper pool safety procedures, such as always exiting and entering the pool at the wall or steps. Parents, too, are educated on the dangers of the water and proper procedures to keep their children safe. It is never safe to leave a child unsupervised around the water.
Swim lessons are also developmentally valuable for children. Studies indicate that infant aquatic education improves muscle strength, increases motor skills, and enhances the immune system of the developing infant. Toddlers and school age children benefit, also, as swim lessons are a great source of exercise, while improving strength and coordination.

And finally, swim lessons are fun!
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